10-Day Is-This-For-Me Money Back Guarantee

I want you to collect my artwork with confidence; That's why I offer the 10-Day Is-This-For-Me Money Back Guarantee starting with free shipping and free returns. You’ll receive my original paintings in an easy to use TitanStrongBox™ (opens like a pizza box). Try my artwork in your home for 10 days. If you decide not to keep the painting, just put it back in the TitanStrongBox™ and contact me. I will provide a return label and arrange a UPS pick up for your home—no questions asked.

After purchasing a painting, your 10-day trial begins when the painting arrives at your home. If you decide not to keep the painting within the trial period simply put the painting back in the original box and contact me. I will send a UPS truck to your home to retrieve the painting.